Month: March, 2012

Mayor update ! Timity is handed over for approval in Version 1.0 !

“Timity” reaches Version 1.0 with a complete redesign of the User Interface and a shiny new App Icon. It is now compatible with the iPad Retina display. To make “Timity” look a little bit fresher I have implemented some of my own photographs of nature and structures. I hope that you will like the new Design as much as I do. I would really appreciate if you could send me your feedback about the new appearance.



Version 0.2 now available !!

Timity is now available in Version 0.2 and got a new feature called “travel calculator”. 

With the new feature “travel calculator” which I have implemented with the new version 0.2 of “Timity” it is now possible to find out about your arrival time in your destination country. If you would like to start your business journey for instance in “New York” and you are expecting a travel duration of about 8 hours to “Berlin” you can now simply calculate your arrival time in “Berlin” (local time).

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