• Theming: Black, Dark and Light Themes including multiple Highlight Colors
  • Support for Slide-Over and Split-View on iPad
  • Support for Dynamic Type
  • Support for iPhone X
  • Optimized for iOS 11


  • Better Visibility: The Menu is now easily accessible as the first screen
  • Better Readability of Calculator results
  • Images assigned to an event are now visible in the result

Please Note:

  • Timity is now free for everyone. Thanks for your valuable feedback and support!
  • Timity now comes with a dark theme as the default. If you prefer a light theme instead, feel free​ to adapt Timity to your personal preference in the app’s settings.


With “Timity” you have a great utility to calculate the elapsed time between an event in the past/future and your current time.

Moreover, you can choose multiple dates and investigate the elapsed​ time between them.
In addition, “Timity” allows you to add or subtract time intervals to/from any given date.

For instance, consider the following scenario:
You would like to go to the movies and you’re still wondering about when to order a taxi to bring you back home. In this scenario you can simply open the “Time Calculator”, select the exact date and time when the show is starting, and put in the length of the movie you are going to see, e.g., 167 minutes. Timity will then calculate the exact time when the event, i.e., your cinema visit, is over.


  • Compute the elapsed time between an event in the past/future and the current time
  • Compute the elapsed time between two given events
  • Add or subtract time intervals (years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes) to/from any given event
  • Determine sunrise and sunset for your current location